Affordable Family Floater Health Insurance «

Affordable Family Floater Health Insurance «

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Health is often regarded as one of the greatest of wealth that a person can possess. We cannot enjoy any kind of wealth without proper health. The real joy of life is health and today many people are realizing this and have started the process to make their health better by adopting better diets, exercise and all such healthy habits. Another healthy habit that people are taking up is applying for mediclaim. Today, thanks to the health consciousness of people, many people are opting for health insurance policies offered by different insurance companies in India.

People are not just buying mediclaim policies for themselves, but they are opting for family health insurance schemes under which not only themselves but their entire families are being covered. Nowadays, people are including family members in health insurance in India because of the fact that not only do the working parents but even children and elders are prone to serious health issues these days.

Seeing the need to include families in health insurance, many companies have started offering family floater health insurance in India. One of the main advantages is that the average cost of the policy will be lower in comparison to taking individual policies. Many of the mediclaim policies these days offer critical illness cover along with a list of diseases that are covered under health insurance in India. The actual diseases covered in each of the policies offered by various insurance companies will differ and hence it needs to be checked.

In one sense, the more the number of diseases covered the better, because of the fact that many insurance companies do not honour claims on the grounds of non-coverage under their schemes. In such cases, the intention of buying a health insurance is not achieved and the policy holder will have to pay for the hospitalization expenses from out of the pocket. Paying from out of the pocket despite possessing a health insurance policy can be absurd. So, one must avoid such health insurance policies in the first place. Nowadays, paying hospital bills can be very hard for an average person with an average income because of the sky-rocketing hospitalization costs.

Today, one can check for the best family medicalim policies on the internet. There are many sources to determine which policies are good and which are not on the internet with simple comparison tools that can help you in choosing the best mediclaim policies for you as well as your family. With an amount of Rs. 10,000 to Rs.20,000 per annum, one can get the best policies which can provide up to Rs. 500,000 of cashless hospitalization facilities. But, we have to be careful in choosing the best policy out there.

It must also be noted that some companies might bring out cheap mediclaim policies which might really be low in cost, but we have to consider the number of diseases or treatments which are not covered or added as exclusions in that family health scheme. Such mediclaim policies can be avoided because they might not be of any use at all when they are needed the most.

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