Yes, You Can Lower Your Body’s Set Point

Yes, You Can Lower Your Body’s Set Point

Your body’s “”set point”" is the weight that it naturally want to gravitate to, or comfortably stay at. You can lower this set point if you feel it is too high at any time. One way to do this is to actually sneak up on it. Basicly what you need to do is incorporate more physical activity into your day. Each and every day though.

These will be easier to incorporate on a daily basis if they are things you really like to do. Think of things like tennis, swimming or even just some housework like moping and caucus cleaning, washing windows etc. You just need to burn more calories, there are other benefits to this as well.

Work up to the length of time you stay physically active. Take a brisk walk every day no matter how brief it may be, the key is to make it a daily routine. Obviously you don’t want to be eating a lot of highly process foods loaded with unhealthy fats and sugars. Cut down and possibly eliminate as many of those as you can. Take a quality prebiotic digestive supplement to increase you dietary fiber as well.

Exercise for Weight Control and Improved Digestion

Some people don’t think they can successfully lower their body’s set point, but you can easily do it with enough time and steady exercise habits. Actually, exercising is the best and quickest way to alter your body’s natural set point.

Of course there are so many other benefits to exercising regularly such as being able to eat more food without gaining weight, increased energy levels throughout the day, increases your metabolism and burns more calories faster.

A body chemical called endorphins are released when you exercise and they give you a feeling of being euphoric, thereby changing you mood to a more positive one. Besides that, these same body chemicals are also known to improve gastrointestinal mobility.

Add a little daily exercise along with a healthy diet and a quality digestive supplement for an add fiber boost and you will start to feel more energetic, lose some extra weight and have a better working digestive system.

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